Simulation Specialists

Our Pedigree

Liv2Race Ltd, originally BRD Holdings, has over 30 years of excellence in motorsport and simulation. Known for brands like PureTechRacing (PTR) and BRDSim (BRD), we have won numerous awards and played a pivotal role in simulation projects and esports.

Our Collaborations

Our collaborations span top-tier motorsport, including F1, F2, Rally, Touring Car, and NASCAR, where we work with engineering and marketing departments to drive innovation and engagement. We’ve partnered with renowned software teams like Kunos Netkar Pro (Assetto Corsa) and ISI Image Space Incorporated (Rfactor), leading advancements in Laser Scanning and motion technology.

Making Motorsport Accessible

We established a Formula BMW Race Team to validate our simulator data and launched the first Full Motion Race Centre, PureTechRacing (PTR), with 10 simulators to make motorsport accessible to all talents. Liv2Race Ltd continues to lead in motorsport, technology, and simulation, making the thrill of racing inclusive and exhilarating for everyone.