Tim our Co-Founder has been in simulation for almost 30 years; read more about his journey...


1992 – Tim created the first steering wheel and pedals to work with F1GP by Geoff Crammond for the Amiga; so he no longer had to race using a joystick!  It was made from old wire coat hangers and paper mache.

1994 – Launch of BallRacing Developments Ltd to manufacture steering wheel and pedal controls for the PC Version of F1GP

1995 – Opening of Interactive Racing Ltd to market the GP500 steering wheel and pedal controls.

1995 – Launch of first F1 cockpit simulator based on a 1993 Lotus 107c.

1996 – Supply simulators to support launch of ITV’s coverage of new F1 season.

1997 – Develop stand up F1 cockpit simulator for McLaren to launch at Imola F1 GP.

1997 – Midland ’97 Show with Rubens Barrichello’s F1 car with Stewart GP.  First head-to-head race with Geoff Crammond’s GP2.

1998 – Conversion of McLaren F1 show car to simulator.

1998 – Supplied 2 historic style F1 simulators to support launch of Grand Prix Legends.

1999 – Development of Lotus 49 F1 Simulator, approved by Classic Team Lotus.

1999 – Supported Sony at Suzuka F1 GP with 2 F1 simulators.

2000 – 2 x Car conversion simulators for Ford as a permanent installation inside the Millennium Dome.

2000 – Launched EA Sports F1 2000 Game.

2000 – Supply and support 8 x Chassis simulators to Fuji Television, Tokyo, Japan.

2000 – 2 x F1 cockpits to support events for ESPN in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Guadalajara & Buenos Aires.


2000 – Development of fleet of 50% scale M-Sport Ford Focus WRC simulators. Carols Sainz & Colin McRae cars.


2001 – Convert BTCC Astra car to simulator for 888 Racing.


2001 – Supply of x2 F1 cockpit simulators to Jaguar Brand Gallery.


2002 – Development of full F1 car simulator and custom trailer system for Continental Tyres.


2002 – Development of TF-102 F1 simulators for Toyota F1.


2002 – Development and supply AX3 simulator for Orange Arrows F1.


2003 – F1 Cockpit simulator for new Toyota UK headquarters.


2004 – Full BAR F1 car conversion.


2004 – Bought the assets of Activa Composites Ltd (originated from Brabham).


2005 – Opening of purpose built BRD factory specialising in carbon fibre composite manufacture.


2005 – Development of road driver training simulator.


2005 – Development of TF-105 F1 simulator and show car for Toyota.








2006 -TF-106 simulator for Toyota with refuelling and wheel change simulator equipment.


2006 – Exhibit Lotus 49 and F1 car simulators at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.


2006 – BMW X3 launch.


2007 – Development of Renault Clio road driving simulator.


2007 – Launch of V1-500 motion platform system, x2 installed in Macau.


2008 – Purchase of NetKar Pro software system.


2008 – Full F1 car simulator to Shanghai to support GP.

2008 – Honda F1 Feasibility simulator development.

2008 – Supply of 2 x F1 simulators to support SingTel title sponsors of inaugural Singapore F1 GP.

2009 – Install F1 Car simulator in Jordan.

2010 – Development and supply of x2 V2-500 6 DOF motion platform simulators.

2012 – Sale of The PTR pilot centre to Capsicum Motorsport and rebranded Let’s Race.

2012 – Improved design & installation of V2-500 full car simulator 6 DOF sim in Singapore.

2015 – Installation of x2 V1-500 SimCell motion simulators at GRace, France.

2019 – Liv2Race Ltd was started by Tim & Holly.


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